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February 13, 2024
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ClearSign’s Burner Performance Tops Single and Multi Process-Burner Heaters – Official

ClearSign Technologies Corporation has announced that its burner performance technology has received Best Available Control Technology (BACT) determinations for both single and multi-process burner heaters. The assessments were carried out as part of the South Coast Air Quality Management District of California’s periodic public participation process. The results of the assessments have influenced the establishment of new BACT emissions limits for both types of burners. ClearSign believes that these new BACT limits are a significant endorsement of the company’s technology and capabilities, and will be recognized by customers and regulators across the US. In addition, the BACT limit for boiler burners larger than 500hp was reduced to 2.5ppm NOx, which is the same level that ClearSign’s technology has demonstrated without the need for an SCR. The company considers this revision to be beneficial for its future development. The new BACT determinations were approved on February 2, 2024, based on analysis and recommendations made by the Scientific Review Committee. BACT guidelines are regularly updated to reflect advancements in technology and ensure equipment utilizes the most efficient technologies.

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