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February 13, 2024
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Tech struts from screens to runway in New York City.


– New York Fashion Week is showcasing tech that is visible and aesthetically pleasing.
– Designers and retailers are embracing mixed reality, AI, and technology that is beautiful, fun, and uncomplicated.

Designers and retailers at New York Fashion Week are embracing technology that is visible and aesthetically pleasing, moving beyond smart contracts and crypto wallets to focus on tech that can be seen. Mixed reality, AI, and technology that is beautiful, fun, and uncomplicated were all on display at the event.

One example of this trend is the use of spatial computing and virtual reality in fashion shows. Designers are creating immersive experiences for both in-person and virtual attendees, allowing them to interact with the clothing and accessories in new and exciting ways.

Another key technology making waves in the fashion industry is NFC (near-field communication). Retailers are using NFC-enabled tags on clothing and accessories to provide customers with additional information about the products, such as styling suggestions or care instructions. This technology also allows for easier inventory management and a more personalized shopping experience.

AI is also playing a significant role in the fashion world. Designers are using AI-powered algorithms to create new patterns and designs, taking inspiration from a vast amount of data. This technology allows for more efficient design processes and can help designers identify emerging trends.

One aspect of tech that designers and retailers are particularly focused on is wearables. Smart glasses, in particular, are gaining traction in the fashion industry. Apple’s Vision Pro smart glasses, for example, combine fashion and functionality, allowing users to access information and interact with their surroundings without the need for a traditional smartphone.

Overall, this shift towards visible and aesthetically pleasing technology highlights the increasing importance of tech in the fashion industry. Designers and retailers are recognizing the potential of these innovations to enhance the fashion experience for customers and streamline business operations. As technology continues to evolve, it will likely play an even larger role in the future of fashion.

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