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February 16, 2024
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Check out CLT technology at the Mass Timber Conference.

The 8th annual International Mass Timber Conference will feature SCM and Randek, two leading companies in the woodworking and timber construction industries, showcasing their latest solutions for large format building components. The conference, taking place from March 26-28 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, will bring together innovators, disruptors, and forward-thinkers to explore and promote the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and other mass timber products in the sector. SCM and Randek will demonstrate their cutting-edge technologies for glulam structural beams, columns, CLT wall and floor elements, as well as prefabricated walls, roofs, and trusses.

One of SCM’s featured solutions is the OIKOS XL, an innovative CNC machining center designed for the production of large-sized glulam beams and columns. It offers automatic management and processing of heavy elements, using a sturdy mechanical structure and reliable locking and handling systems. Another showcase is the OIKOS XL+, a CNC machining center for the production of columns and structural beams with an additional independent machining unit. The machine is designed to overcome the challenges of multi-story wooden buildings and can process very heavy elements and hard materials with high productivity and precision.

SCM will also present the Area XL, a 5-axis CNC machining center for the industrial production of large format CLT panels. This solution is developed to meet the requirements of companies seeking high productivity, accuracy, and reliability in the processing of CLT panels. It can handle elements up to 16,000×3,600×400 mm in size and offers multiple tool stations for efficient machining. The machine also features automatic workpiece handling and positioning systems, as well as innovative cleaning systems to ensure safety and cleanliness.

Furthermore, SCM will showcase its Maestro active beam&wall software, a new human-machine interface for complete job order management. This software offers various functions in a simple and fast way and can be used on both office PCs and operator consoles to increase productivity and flexibility.

On the other hand, Randek, a pioneer in automation solutions for prefabricated buildings, will present its ZeroLabor Robotic system for the highly efficient production of wall elements. This compact and CAD/CAM controlled system can be integrated into production lines and offers top-level automation. Randek will also showcase its AutoWall system for the production of open or closed wall elements, the AutoFloor system for floor elements, and the AutoEye Truss System for automatic production of roof trusses.

In conclusion, the International Mass Timber Conference will provide a platform for SCM and Randek to demonstrate their advanced technologies and solutions for large format building components. These innovations are aimed at promoting the use of mass timber products and green building practices, contributing to more sustainable and efficient construction processes.

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