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February 17, 2024
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Ted Chiang delves into technology’s impact on writing in sci-fi.


  • Ted Chiang, a renowned science fiction writer, discusses the impact of technology on writing in a lecture at ASU.
  • Chiang explores the evolution of language from speech to writing and poses questions about the future of written communication.

In his lecture at Arizona State University, Ted Chiang delves into the relationship between language, technology, and writing. As an award-winning science fiction author whose work has been adapted into the movie “Arrival,” Chiang’s focus on language is apparent. He discusses how writing, as a form of technological breakthrough, has changed the way we use language. Chiang also raises thought-provoking questions about the future evolution of written communication, wondering what cognitive technologies may surpass writing in the future.

Chiang expresses skepticism about the role of artificial intelligence in creative writing, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the human aspect of art. Despite recognizing the potential of technology to enhance creativity, he warns against the dehumanizing effects it may have on the written word. Chiang’s lecture sparks conversations about the intersection of technology and writing, prompting reflections on the essence of human creativity and expression.

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