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February 20, 2024
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Global report 2023: Growth in climate solutions and sustainable fuels.


  • The global climate tech market is experiencing growth opportunities in sustainable desalination, technology-enabled climate solutions, and sustainable fuels.
  • Key trends driving growth include environmental regulation, public investment, and demand for sustainable goods.

The “Growth Opportunities in the Global Climate Tech Market” report analyzes trends shaping the global climate tech market and highlights key companies and innovative solutions. The market is driven by increasing environmental regulation, public investment initiatives, and demand for sustainable goods. Mitigation and adaptation technologies are crucial for reducing GHG emissions and preparing for climate change impacts. Key technology clusters include alternative fuels, circular economy platforms, and sustainable food production. The report identifies 100 leading climate tech companies and their innovative solutions across various industry verticals.

Full Article:

The global climate tech market is experiencing significant growth opportunities in areas such as sustainable desalination, technology-enabled climate solutions, and sustainable fuels. The report highlights key trends that are shaping this market, including the increasing body of environmental regulations and the strengthening of net-zero targets. Public investment initiatives, such as the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan and the Green Climate Fund, are also driving growth in this sector.

One of the key drivers of growth is the growing public awareness and demand for sustainable goods. This demand is compelling companies to revamp their operations to meet these requirements. Mitigation technologies aim to reduce or offset GHG emissions, while adaptation technologies prepare communities to deal with climate-related risks and create sustainable infrastructure.

The report identifies several key climate tech clusters, including alternative fuels and feedstocks, circular economy platforms, sustainable food and crops, protection of nature and biodiversity, climate tech portfolios, infrastructure resilience, asset risk management, and water transition technologies. These clusters are essential for addressing climate risks across various industry verticals.

The report analyzes 100 leading climate tech companies and their innovative solutions. These companies are paving the way for sustainable and resilient infrastructure, economies, and services. Using proprietary and external frameworks, such as the 6P Framework, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities, the report evaluates these companies based on their impact and contributions to the climate tech market.

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