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February 22, 2024
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Get certified with Cadence Digital for Intel 18A process tech.


  • Cadence’s digital and custom/analog flows are certified on the Intel 18A process technology for a wide variety of designs.
  • The collaboration between Cadence and Intel Foundry enables the development of high-volume, high-performance, and power-efficient SoCs.

In a recent announcement, Cadence Design Systems revealed that its digital and custom/analog flows have successfully received certification for the latest Intel 18A process technology. This certification further solidifies Cadence’s position as a key player in the development of low-power consumer, high-performance computing (HPC), AI, and mobile computing designs.

Intel Foundry expressed excitement about expanding its partnership with Cadence to enable key markets using the 18A process technology. The collaboration aims to leverage Cadence’s design IP, AI technologies, and advanced packaging solutions to develop high-performance and power-efficient SoCs. This move aligns with Intel’s IDM2.0 strategy and highlights their commitment to innovation and collaboration within the ecosystem.

The Cadence R&D team worked closely with Intel Foundry to certify its flows for the Intel 18A process and EMIB advanced packaging technology. This effort provides customers with access to cutting-edge design capabilities for AI, HPC, and premium mobile applications. The optimized tools and IP ensure that customers can meet the most demanding design requirements and achieve maximum performance per watt.

The complete AI-driven Cadence RTL-to-GDS flow has been certified and optimized to seamlessly integrate with Intel 18A technology, allowing customers to meet power, performance, and area targets effectively. The flow includes various solutions like Cadence’s Genus™ Synthesis Solution, Innovus™ Implementation System, and Quantus™ Extraction Solution, among others, to enhance the design process and improve overall efficiency.

On the custom/analog side, Cadence’s Virtuoso® Studio, integrated Spectre® Platform, and Voltus-XFi Custom Power Integrity Solution have all been certified for Intel 18A. These certifications ensure a robust implementation methodology for mixed-signal designs and provide efficient design and layout implementation on the Intel 18A process.

Furthermore, Cadence’s design IP for Intel 18A technology enables a range of applications, including PCIe 6.0, CXL, and multi-standard PHY for memory applications. These offerings cater to the evolving needs of HPC and AI/ML markets, showcasing the companies’ commitment to driving innovation and delivering high-quality solutions to their customers.

Source: I-Connect007

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