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February 22, 2024
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OpenText Report: IT Leading the Way in Sustainability Initiatives


  • IT departments are leading the way in corporate sustainability efforts, but lack innovative tools and expertise.
  • The use of AI technology has the potential to revolutionize IT sustainability initiatives and drive efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The IT industry is at the forefront of global sustainability efforts, according to a report commissioned by OpenText. The report revealed that while 97% of companies have adopted or plan to adopt sustainability initiatives, IT departments are still in the early stages and face challenges in obtaining the proper tools and expertise. The integration of advanced tools like AI is seen as crucial in revolutionizing IT sustainability initiatives and driving efficiency and environmental responsibility.

OpenText’s report highlighted the challenges and weak areas for sustainability, with the biggest challenge being obtaining the proper tools to implement initiatives. Only 51% of respondents reported using software to track their IT carbon footprint, underscoring the need for more advanced tools. Lack of expertise was the second biggest challenge, with 46% of respondents emphasizing the need for education and skill development in sustainable IT practices.

The use of AI technology, specifically generative AI (Gen AI), has the potential to bring significant value to large enterprises by transforming common and complex business practices. OpenText’s Aviator platform leverages Gen AI capabilities to solve specific use cases, and their expanded partnership with Google Cloud aims to deliver AI-led innovations for organizations of all sizes.

In conclusion, the adoption of AI technology is expected to drive forward IT sustainability initiatives, leading to a more resilient and environmentally conscious digital ecosystem in the future.

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