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February 22, 2024
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Rainbow Robotics partners with Schaeffler and Korea Electronics for innovation.


  • Rainbow Robotics signed a trilateral business agreement with Schaeffler and Korea Electronics Technology Institute to develop AI-mobile dual-arm robots for autonomous manufacturing.
  • Schaeffler will supply key components, KETI will support AI technology application, and Rainbow Robotics will oversee robot operation solutions.

Rainbow Robotics, a robot platform company, has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Schaeffler and the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) to collaborate on the development of AI-mobile dual-arm robots. This partnership aims to advance technology for autonomous manufacturing and identify new business models to expand globally.

Under the agreement, Schaeffler will provide key components like gearboxes, KETI will support AI technology application based on international standards, and Rainbow Robotics will focus on developing AI-based robot operation solutions. The jointly developed dual-arm robots will be deployed in production sites in Germany and Korea to demonstrate successful use cases for autonomous manufacturing.

Autonomous manufacturing utilizes AI technology and robots throughout the manufacturing process to enhance production efficiency in smart factories. Rainbow Robotics’ CEO, Dr. Lee Jung-ho, emphasized the significance of this collaboration with industry experts like Schaeffler and KETI to drive innovation and commercialize autonomous manufacturing globally.

Dr. Michael Pausch, Chief Technology Officer at Schaeffler, expressed excitement about partnering with Rainbow Robotics to advance robotics technology. He highlighted Schaeffler’s commitment to innovation and creating automated solutions for smart and sustainable production processes.

The agreement includes a visit to Schaeffler’s headquarters in Germany to discuss robotics component development and explore innovative production technologies. Schaeffler’s focus on motion technology and precision components aligns well with Rainbow Robotics’ goal of becoming a leading robot platform specialist in the global market.

This trilateral business agreement signifies a significant step towards the development and commercialization of AI-mobile dual-arm robots for autonomous manufacturing, leveraging the expertise of each partner to drive innovation and expand into global markets.

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