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February 23, 2024
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Incredible tech makes ‘The Line’ weather perfect.


  • The Line, Saudi Arabia, will use technology to ensure perfect weather
  • The broader $1 trillion NEOM project includes this innovative feature

In a groundbreaking move, The Line in Saudi Arabia will use advanced technology to maintain a balanced climate, offering all-year-round sunshine, shade, and natural ventilation. This massive project, part of the NEOM initiative, aims to create optimal climactic conditions. The city will be zero-carbon, featuring 100% renewable energy sources and a high-speed rail system for efficient transportation. Developers have carefully designed the environment to achieve an ideal balance of sunlight, shade, and ventilation, enhancing the quality of life for residents and workers. The project is scheduled for completion by 2030 and is already showing significant progress through drone footage updates.

Overall, The Line represents a futuristic vision of urban living, emphasizing sustainability, transportation efficiency, and environmental harmony. With its unique focus on creating a perfect climate through advanced technology, it sets a new standard for large-scale infrastructure projects around the world.

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