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February 23, 2024
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Tech can save the day for America’s power grid woes.


– The U.S. power grid is facing increasing demand due to the transition to electric power in various sectors.
– Mission-critical technologies are essential for upgrading the grid and maintaining uninterrupted service.

In a recent episode of Experts Talk, industry experts discussed the importance of mission-critical technologies in utilities as the U.S. power grid grapples with surging demand. The experts emphasized the expanding definition of mission-critical technologies beyond traditional control rooms, the role of AI in enhancing operational efficiency, and the importance of collaboration across different technology providers. Chris Carver and Courtney Mamuscia shared insights on integrating mission-critical systems within utility operations and the need for reliable, scalable, and secure technologies. The episode highlighted the crucial role of cutting-edge technologies, including AV tech, in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of utility operations.

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