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February 27, 2024
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AI: a revolution, not just a trend.


Key Points:

  • AI, specifically Sora, is not a revolutionary technology but a tool that requires human labor and decision-making to function.
  • The narrative of AI as a singular, evolving phenomenon serves to hide political interests and hinder democracy and economic equality.

In the article “AI Isn’t a Radical Technology” by R.H. Lossin and Jason Resnikoff, the authors challenge the popular belief that AI is a revolutionary force. They argue that AI, exemplified by the recent release of Open AI’s Sora, is not a technology at all but a tool that necessitates human input to function and develop. The authors critique the inflated claims made by tech insiders and the media, pointing out that AI does not possess the intelligence or autonomy often attributed to it.

Lossin and Resnikoff delve into the political implications of labeling AI as a revolutionary force, highlighting how this narrative obscures the power dynamics at play in the development and implementation of AI. They argue that the myth of AI as a radical technology serves the interests of a wealthy minority, allowing them to shape society to their benefit.

Furthermore, the authors examine how AI is used in the workplace, particularly in the context of automation. They discuss the ways in which AI is employed to degrade labor conditions and exploit workers, pointing to examples such as the use of “ghost work” jobs that mask human labor as machine-generated.

Ultimately, Lossin and Resnikoff call for a reevaluation of the mythology surrounding AI, emphasizing the need for a more nuanced understanding of technology and its impact on society. They advocate for greater democratic control over the development and implementation of technology to ensure that it serves the interests of the majority rather than a select few.

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