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February 27, 2024
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Anyline’s new tech: Autonomous drone scanning boosts warehouse inventory control.


  • Anyline introduced autonomous drone scanning technology for warehouse inventory management
  • The technology was developed in collaboration with Mondi and has streamlined the inventory process

Anyline, a global leader in mobile data capture and data insights, partnered with Mondi, a packaging and paper company, to create autonomous drone scanning technology for enhanced warehouse inventory management. The new system allows drones to efficiently scan entire warehouses, eliminating the need for manual inventory counts using forklifts. This innovative solution has increased safety, accuracy, and efficiency in Mondi’s inventory management process.

Prior to implementing the barcode scanning drones, Mondi relied on manual counting methods that were time-consuming and involved working at heights. Now, a single drone operator can scan inventory aisle-by-aisle during operating hours, making the process safer and more accurate. Both Anyline and Mondi are committed to innovation and redefining industry standards through technological advancements.

Anyline’s mobile data capture technology has been successfully applied in various industries, including automotive and retail, providing businesses with efficient ways to interpret visual information using mobile devices. The collaboration between Anyline and Mondi showcases the potential for drone technology to revolutionize inventory management processes across different sectors.

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