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February 28, 2024
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Discover the allure of a secret universe.


Technology is being used to reveal hidden worlds such as the depths of the ocean, the far reaches of our galaxy, and even the unseen world of waves and matter all around us. From exploring Jupiter’s moon Europa to deep underwater caves and monitoring animals with GPS tags, the use of technology is uncovering these mysterious worlds. Wi-Fi sensing, particle physics, and AI regulation are also key areas of exploration in revealing hidden worlds.

A hidden world is fundamentally different from the undiscovered. We know the hidden world is there, but we just can’t see it or reach it. Throughout history, hidden worlds have fascinated us, from the blank spaces on maps to the mysteries of the moon. Technology, such as ships, telescopes, drones, and AI, has played a crucial role in revealing these hidden worlds.

In this issue, readers will explore the use of technology to uncover hidden worlds, such as the depths of the ocean with advancements in diving equipment, monitoring animals with GPS tags, and using Wi-Fi sensing to detect motion in homes. The story of particle physicists pushing the field forward post-Higgs era and exploring AI regulation are also highlighted.

Overall, technology is being used to unveil the mysteries of hidden worlds all around us, from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of the galaxy. These stories showcase the power of technology in exploring and exposing these fascinating hidden realms.

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