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February 29, 2024
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Tech job cuts in SF remain high


  • Despite an improving economy, tech layoffs in San Francisco continue, with major companies like Salesforce and Cisco cutting jobs.
  • Factors contributing to the layoffs include overhiring during the pandemic, stock market pressures, and the investment climate.

In recent weeks, several tech companies in San Francisco, including Salesforce, Cisco, and Instacart, have announced layoffs, adding to the more than 3,000 jobs shed by tech companies since July. The City’s unemployment rate has risen, signaling ongoing cuts in the tech sector. Business experts suggest that factors such as overhiring during the pandemic, stock market pressures, and the investment climate are prompting these mass layoffs. Many companies are streamlining operations and investing in new areas to reshape their organizations.

The tech industry’s hiring spree during the pandemic led to a surge in workforce, which is now being adjusted to pre-pandemic levels in response to changing economic conditions. Additionally, companies are following each other’s lead in layoffs, as announcements from industry giants like Alphabet and Meta have set the tone for the tech sector. The investment environment, with high-interest rates and flat venture funding, also plays a role in the ongoing layoffs.

Experts suggest that the tech industry’s cycle of booms and busts will likely continue until sentiment and investment patterns change. Tech leaders are anticipated to ramp up staff and new initiatives once market conditions improve, leading to another boom cycle.

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