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March 15, 2024
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Auburn Community Hospital leads the nation with cutting-edge lab tech.


  • Auburn Community Hospital is the first in the nation to introduce Abbott’s Alinity h-series hematology automation system.
  • This cutting-edge lab technology promises substantial benefits for patients, including faster processing times for blood tests.

Auburn Community Hospital recently made history by becoming the first medical facility in the United States to launch Abbott’s Alinity h-series hematology automation system. This innovative technology, approved by the FDA in August 2023, represents a significant advancement in healthcare diagnostics. The hospital celebrated this milestone with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by key stakeholders from both the hospital and Abbott. The seamless partnership between Auburn Community Hospital and Abbott has been ongoing, with the hospital consistently using Abbott’s hematology platforms. This relationship led to Auburn being chosen as the launch site for Abbott’s groundbreaking laboratory technology.

The Alinity h-series offers numerous benefits for patients, such as the ability to process nearly 120 complete blood counts per hour, drastically reducing wait times for test results. For individuals requiring regular blood transfusions, the testing process that previously took two hours can now be completed in just 20 minutes, showcasing the hospital’s dedication to advancing patient care, especially in rural healthcare settings.

To ensure the successful implementation of this cutting-edge technology, staff at Auburn Community Hospital received training at Abbott’s facility in Dallas. This training aimed to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to operate the new system efficiently. The introduction of the Alinity h-series aligns perfectly with the hospital’s commitment to providing high-quality patient care and marks a significant step forward in enhancing healthcare services in the region.

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