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Spotlight on: Women rocking the music tech world


  • Women in Music Technology (WiMT) aims to help students fine-tune their artistic passions with technological innovation through community outreach and campus events.
  • WiMT provides a platform for women and marginalized groups to socialize, share information, and support each other in the technology field.

Women in Music Technology (WiMT) is a student organization at Georgia Tech founded to support women and other marginalized groups in the field of music technology. The current president, Qianyi Rose Sun, along with other members, chartered the organization in 2021 to revive it after it experienced a decline during the pandemic. The main mission of WiMT is to create a space for individuals to socialize, share information, and support each other in the technology field. The organization hosts various events such as peer-sharing workshops and guest speakers to provide a platform for learning and collaboration.

One of the highlights of WiMT is its commitment to community outreach and supporting the next generation of women scholars. The organization participates in local events and fairs to inspire K-12 students and showcase the possibilities in music technology. WiMT also engages in research projects and provides funding for women to attend conferences or pursue side projects in the field. The organization aims to bridge the gap between creative pursuits like music and technology by exploring the diverse intersections of the two disciplines.

Despite being affiliated with the Music Technology program, WiMT is open to students of all majors who share a passion for music and technology. The organization holds monthly general body meetings and welcomes anyone interested in pushing boundaries and expanding creative ideas beyond traditional academic settings. Through workshops, guest speakers, and special events, WiMT provides a platform for individuals to learn, share, and collaborate in the field of music technology.

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