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February 15, 2024
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North Carolina: Where Fintech thrives with talent and affordability.

Fintech jobs in North Carolina, specifically in the Triangle area, are experiencing significant growth. This growth is attributed to factors such as access to great talent and a lower cost of living in the region. Major players in the global economy, including Deutsche Bank, MetLife, Bank of America, and First Citizens Bank, are expanding their presence in the region through the development of their mobile banking platforms and other digital investments. Economic officials in Raleigh estimate that there are currently 4,000 companies providing around 60,000 jobs in the fintech industry in the Triangle alone.

The presence of these large firms is also expected to contribute to the filling of vacant office spaces in downtown Raleigh. The growth of the fintech industry in the area is driven by local talent, with a rising number of college graduates choosing to work in the Triangle. Since 2010, 64% of graduates from local colleges have decided to stay in the region. The booming fintech industry is just one of many industries experiencing growth in the area, including the recent investments by Disney in Epic Games and the opening of an Apple campus.

Overall, the growth of fintech in North Carolina is seen as a positive trend for the region’s economy, bringing job opportunities, innovation, and a thriving business environment. Economic officials and college graduates alike express enthusiasm for the growth and potential of the industry in North Carolina.

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