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February 17, 2024
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Award-winning technology extracts lithium from thermal sources using electrodialysis.


– Alma Energy and the University of Texas El Paso received a $500,000 grant to develop technology to extract lithium from hydrothermal waters

– The technology uses electrodialysis to filter out lithium while generating energy from the hydrothermal waters

Article Summary:

Alma Energy and the University of Texas El Paso have received a $500,000 grant from TAMEST to develop a new technology for extracting lithium from hydrothermal waters. This technology focuses on electrodialysis, a process that filters out lithium while generating energy from the hydrothermal waters. Benjamin Brunner, co-inventor and UTEP associate professor, believes that this technology could revolutionize environmentally-friendly lithium extraction.

The system being developed will allow lithium to pass through the membrane while keeping sodium and chloride out. The extracted water may be reused or pumped back into the ground, potentially helping to remove carbon dioxide from the environment. Additionally, the membrane system could be used to clean brine water from oil and gas production.

Alma Energy will identify potential locations in Texas with underground hot water sources containing lithium, while the UTEP team will continue developing the membrane technology. If successful, this project could lead to a breakthrough in sustainable lithium extraction and energy generation.

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