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February 18, 2024
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Mondelēz International teams up with Hedera for blockchain innovation.


  • Mondelēz International partners with Hedera on distributed ledger technology.
  • The partnership aims to develop solutions for supply chain management and digital transformation initiatives.

In a recent announcement, the Hedera Council revealed a new partnership with Mondelēz International, a leading food company behind well-known brands such as Toblerone, Cadbury, and Oreo. As part of this collaboration, Mondelēz will work with Hedera to explore distributed ledger technology solutions for internal use, focusing on areas like supply chain management and digital transformation.

Prior to this partnership, Mondelēz had already begun working with SKUx, a fintech platform, on developing alternative payment solutions. With SKUx’s existing partnership with Hedera, the direct agreement between Mondelēz and the Hedera council marks a significant step towards enhancing business ties and consumer trust in the snack industry.

Bill Miller, from the Hedera Council, expressed excitement about amplifying Mondelēz’s voice and spearheading relevant business solutions for the CPG and retail ecosystem. Combining their expertise, the two companies hope to address long-standing production challenges and enhance logistical capabilities through innovative solutions.

Xiang Xu, from Mondelēz International, emphasized their commitment to digital transformation and the potential of distributed ledger technologies in solving retail industry challenges. By leveraging Hedera’s experience and network, Mondelēz aims to streamline operations, improve supply chain efficiency, and drive digital innovation in the food sector.

Overall, the partnership between Mondelēz International and Hedera represents a significant step towards leveraging blockchain technology for enhancing business operations and addressing industry-specific challenges in the snack industry.

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