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February 21, 2024
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KCF Technologies and Nabors Industries team up for integrated solutions


Key Points:

  • KCF Technologies has integrated with Nabors Industries to bring data from wireless machine sensors into an open cloud system.
  • The integration aims to reduce downtime, optimize costs, improve safety, and drive maintenance procedures in the oil and gas drilling industry.

In an effort to address equipment failures and operational challenges in the oil and gas drilling industry, KCF Technologies has announced an integration with Nabors Industries. This integration allows customers to bring data from their wireless machine sensors into an open cloud system, providing valuable insights and predictive maintenance solutions.

Equipment failures, such as mud pumps, pose significant challenges in the industry leading to unplanned downtime, increased costs, and safety hazards. The integration with Nabors Industries aims to streamline maintenance workflows, provide remote monitoring services, and offer around-the-clock support and training through Rigline 24/7™.

RigCLOUD, the exclusive provider of KCF Smartdiagnostics to oil and gas drilling contractors, will embed KCF Technologies’ analytics, predictive insights, and visualizations within its software suite. This partnership seeks to optimize operations, reduce downtime, lower costs, improve safety, and enhance maintenance procedures for drilling contractors operating on about 175 rigs globally.

Dr. Jeremy Frank, CEO and Co-founder at KCF Technologies, emphasized the transformative impact of predictive maintenance solutions and described the integration with RigCLOUD as a significant step in scaling their impact within the industry.

Overall, the integration between KCF Technologies and Nabors Industries represents a collaborative effort towards improving efficiency, safety, and maintenance practices in the oil and gas drilling sector through innovative technology solutions.

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