Today: June 21, 2024
February 21, 2024
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Myavana revolutionizes hair typing using AI technology.


  • Myavana introduces a new hair-typing system that considers hair condition in addition to type and texture.
  • The system utilizes AI technology to provide personalized hair care recommendations.

Myavana, a 14-year-old beauty tech company, has unveiled a revolutionary hair-typing system that goes beyond traditional categorizations to consider the condition of the hair. This new system, known as “The Definitive Healthy Hair Care Guide,” identifies factors such as porosity, elasticity, and density to provide personalized product recommendations for optimal hair health. By leveraging their proprietary AI technology, Myavana is able to offer consumers a comprehensive analysis of their hair strands and tailor a custom “Healthy Hair Care Plan” based on their unique HairID.

The introduction of this new system marks a significant shift in the way hair care is approached, moving from traditional 2D hair typing to a more complex 3D HairID system that offers a deeper understanding of how products can benefit different hair types. Consumers can access their HairID through Myavana’s Artificial Intelligence Hair Strand Analysis, or HairAI, for $29, or opt for a more in-depth analysis with the Hair CI Strand Analysis Kit for $99. Additionally, Myavana plans to release a HairCI Pro+ version for professional stylists and will be hosting education seminars to promote the new technology.

With the support of Ulta and the expertise of industry professionals like Keya Neal, Myavana is set to revolutionize the way individuals care for their hair by providing personalized, data-driven recommendations that cater to their unique hair needs.

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