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February 24, 2024
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Cutting-edge tech to pinpoint potholes in Gallatin city.


  • New technology in Gallatin helps city track potholes using sensors similar to a seismograph
  • Results are uploaded to an interactive map to highlight roads in need of repair

New technology has been implemented in the city of Gallatin to help locate and repair potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces on city roads. The sensors, similar to a seismograph, have been added to 30 city vehicles and record vibrations at a high frequency as the vehicles travel across the city. This data is uploaded to an interactive map daily, allowing city officials to identify which streets are in most need of attention. The technology costs $67,500 annually, a fraction of the cost incurred for planned repaving and street maintenance in the city.

City officials believe that the sensors provide a better understanding of the overall pavement conditions across the city, allowing for a more informed pavement preservation program. In addition to the vibration sensors, the city will also install cameras on trash trucks to capture images of the road network weekly, which will be analyzed using AI software to identify patterns and causes of deterioration.

The city’s contract with the sensors will last five years, after which officials will evaluate the effectiveness of the technology. The implementation of this cutting-edge technology in Gallatin marks a significant step towards more efficient and targeted road maintenance strategies.

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