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February 25, 2024
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Experience emotions decoded with PSiFI wearable AI technology for humans.


  • Scientists have developed PSiFI technology that can interpret human emotions in real-time.
  • The technology uses a multi-modal human emotion recognition system that merges verbal and non-verbal cues.

In a groundbreaking achievement, Professor Jiyun Kim and his team at UNIST have introduced PSiFI technology, a wearable device that can interpret human emotions in real-time. This technology addresses the challenge of accurately discerning emotional states by merging verbal and non-verbal cues. The heart of this innovative system is the Personalized Skin-Integrated Facial Interface (PSiFI) system, which incorporates a bidirectional triboelectric strain and vibration sensor for seamless wireless data transfer. The technology showcases remarkable efficiency in recognizing human emotions, even in scenarios where individuals wear masks. The foundation of the PSiFI AI technology lies in the phenomenon of friction charging, generating power through the separation of charges upon friction. This breakthrough paves the way for portable emotion recognition devices, personalized digital platforms, and expanded applications in VR environments. The PSiFI system acts as a digital concierge, offering personalized recommendations for music, movies, and books based on individual emotions. By harmonizing humanity and technology, this technology opens the door to a future where machines can understand human emotions, enhancing digital interactions and user experiences. This significant leap in human-machine interfaces promises a future where technology truly understands us and adapts to our emotional states, deepening our connection with the digital world.

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