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February 26, 2024
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Upgrade your sprayer with new technology, options, and pricing.


  • Upgrading existing sprayers with retrofit kits offers significant cost savings compared to buying new sprayers
  • Key technology options and pricing for sprayer upgrade kits from John Deere and AGCO are discussed in the article

In the article “Sprayer upgrade kits: Technology, options, and pricing,” the author Casey Seymour explores the market for used sprayers and the impact of technology from factory and retrofit kits on the sale of used equipment. The article compares sprayer options from John Deere and AGCO, highlighting key features and pricing.

John Deere offers the See and Spray technology in different versions like See and Spray Select and See and Spray Ultimate, which help in spot spraying to reduce chemical use. The upgrade kit for existing sprayers, known as See and Spray Premium, provides similar technology available in Ultimate at a lower cost.

AGCO’s OptiPulse HD and OptiPulse Control are nozzle control systems that increase efficiency and reduce product drift. The aftermarket OptiPulse Control kit is available for retrofit installation and offers similar functionality as the factory-installed version.

The article emphasizes the importance of evaluating the suitability of an upgrade based on individual factors and consulting with a dealer to make an informed decision. Overall, retrofitting existing sprayers with technology upgrade kits can provide significant cost savings compared to purchasing new equipment.

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