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February 26, 2024
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Whale Cloud Technology: The Ultimate Partner Interview Experience.


  • Whale Cloud Technology EVP, Jacky Chen Jiang, discusses investment opportunities in 2024 and growth potential for CSPs.
  • The interview sheds light on the future prospects and strategies of Whale Cloud in the tech industry.

Partner Interview: Whale Cloud Technology Jacky Chen Jiang, EVP, opens up on investment opportunities in 2024 and growth potential for CSPs.


In a recent interview, Jacky Chen Jiang, EVP of Whale Cloud Technology, discussed investment opportunities in 2024 and growth potential for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Jiang highlighted the importance of innovation and partnership in driving the growth of the tech industry. He emphasized Whale Cloud’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and services to help CSPs navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

During the interview, Jiang also touched upon the key trends shaping the tech industry, such as 5G, AI, and cloud computing. He pointed out that these technologies are driving a new wave of digital transformation and creating opportunities for CSPs to enhance their offerings and improve customer experiences.

Whale Cloud Technology’s vision for the future involves expanding its footprint in the global market and collaborating with industry partners to drive innovation and growth. Jiang expressed confidence in Whale Cloud’s ability to deliver value-added solutions that address the evolving needs of CSPs and contribute to the advancement of the tech ecosystem.

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