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March 1, 2024
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Innovative Minnesota company creates bulletproof doors.


– Pine River business develops bullet-resistant door technology

– Zero Breach product line reinforces existing school doors and windows to withstand active shooters

In a time when school violence is a major concern, a business in Pine River, Minnesota, has developed a new bullet-resistant door system called Zero Breach. The company, Ballistic Vision Safety Glass, initially focused on manufacturing reinforced window panels to protect machine operators. However, they shifted their focus to creating window and door kits that can reinforce existing school doors and windows to withstand attempted active shooters.

The Zero Breach product line consists of polycarbonate reinforcements for wooden classroom doors, mirrors for clear visibility of hallways, and windows designed to stay intact under weapon fire. These kits are designed to fit over existing doors, offering a cost-effective solution compared to replacing entire doors with more expensive options. The products have undergone testing and have shown resistance to varying levels of forced entry and ballistics, making them effective in active shooter scenarios.

The company conducted demonstrations with representatives from local schools and law enforcement, showcasing the effectiveness of the Zero Breach door reinforcements. Professional testing is ongoing to ensure the products meet weather resistance and durability requirements. The business owner, Raymond LeFavor, aims to make school environments safer for students and staff, emphasizing the importance of buying time during emergency situations. The products are expected to be available by spring, with a focus on enhancing school safety and security.

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