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March 1, 2024
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Technology providers and GCCs: a perfect partnership for success.


– Business landscape is ripe for collaboration, particularly between Technology Service Providers (TSPs) and Global Capability Centers (GCCs).

– Collaboration between TSPs and GCCs enhances innovation, resource optimization, agility, problem-solving, and future-proofing for businesses.

At Davos 2024, a pivotal insight emerged: the business landscape is ripe for collaboration, far beyond what many leaders previously recognized. This concept opens up new possibilities for enriching business practices and fostering partnerships, particularly between Technology Service Providers (TSPs) and Global Capability Centers (GCCs). Once seen as separate competitive entities, TSPs and GCCs are now identified as collaborative partners, each with unique strengths. TSPs bring external expertise, scalability, and varied industry insights, while GCCs focus on internal capability development, strategic objectives, and managing risk.

This evolving dynamic underscores the shift from competition to collaboration, aligning more closely with customer-centric business models. By combining the agility and innovation of TSPs with the strategic depth and domain knowledge of GCCs, businesses can more effectively navigate complex technological environments, emphasizing customer needs at its core, it fosters an integrated, adaptable, and cooperative business ethos.

Key Points:

  • Enhanced Innovation and Competitive Edge
  • Strategic Resource Optimization
  • Agility in a Dynamic Market
  • Holistic Problem-Solving Approach
  • Future-Proofing Businesses

Collaboration between GCCs and TSPs provides businesses with enhanced innovation, competitive edge, strategic resource optimization, and agility in dynamic markets. Through holistic problem-solving approaches, businesses can be better prepared for future challenges in the digital landscape.

Case Studies:

The partnership examples of GE and Infosys, as well as Shell with IBM and Wipro, demonstrate how companies can efficiently combine external tech expertise with their global teams to streamline operations and boost global competitiveness. This synergy marks a shift in business strategies, moving beyond competition to a model that combines TSPs’ external innovation and agility with GCCs’ domain expertise and strategic focus.

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